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For more information on accessing the NLCSA's Member Area site, please call the NLCSA at: (709) 739-7000

The Members Area allows your company to access the records of training that you have paid for, see your current registrations and our training schedule.

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To complete this form you will require your company ID which can only be obtained from the NLCSA by emailing info@nlcsa.com and placing "Member Access Request" in the subject line. In the email, please identify the full company name and you will be provided your company ID. Once you have your Company ID, complete the remaining portions of the form and submit. At that time, an email will be sent to the email address in our system for the main contact with your company. This individual will receive an email indicating that you are asking permission to view records for this company. If approval is given, you will receive an email notification. Note – if we do not have a current email address for the company contact person, your request cannot be processed and you may wish to follow up directly with the NLCSA.

When you create your account, please be sure to remember your password, as it is not recorded in our system and we have no way to retrieve it.

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